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FMTech Insights: Digital Empowerment in Facilities Management as a Drive for Transformation

Apr 11, 2022


FMTech Insights is a series where subject matter experts and thought leaders in FMTech share their knowledge and opinions on the topic of their expertise; helping the industry learn, innovate and grow. The series will cover every sector in FM – from workplace management, operations and maintenance, energy management, waste management and everything in between.

Ignasi Casamada is the Co-founder & CEO at Optima Facilityan FM service provider specializing in the management and provision of a wide range of services (Maintenance, Security, Installations, Cleaning, Energy Services, etc.) with over 30 years of experience managing services for clients in the Spanish and international market. It offers a flexible service provider model and adapts to the specific demands of each client -- from a single service individually as a specialist provider, to an integrated FM services under an "Open Facility Management" model. Digital innovation and...

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