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FMTech Insights: How AI technology enables plumbing systems to talk

Jan 30, 2023

FMTech Insights is a series where subject matter experts and thought leaders in FMTech share their knowledge and opinions on the topic of their expertise; helping the industry learn, innovate and grow. The series will cover every sector in FM – from workplace management, operations and maintenance, energy management, waste management and everything in between.

Alexandre McCormack is the CEO of Shayp, a digital native firm that helps public and private organisations reduce water consumption in buildings thanks to artificial intelligence. Using only water meter data, Shayp's AI reveals water consumption anomalies and leakages in buildings and guides operators to improve the situation.


A Veolia facility manager once told me they checked their client’s water meter index every week. In case there was a significant jump in consumption, they’d send his facility management teams on a hunt to find any potential leakages.

Knowing that weekly...

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