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FMTech Insights: Cut Energy Costs & Optimize Operations with Big Data & IoT

Jun 06, 2022


FMTech Insights is a series where subject matter experts and thought leaders in FMTech share their knowledge and opinions on the topic of their expertise; helping the industry learn, innovate and grow. The series will cover every sector in FM – from workplace management, operations and maintenance, energy management, waste management and everything in between.

Christine Brukhty is the Business Development & Marketing Manager at HiPer IT, a family of big data and IoT PropTech democratizing optimization of Facility Management. It's HiPerWare enables achieving current business goals in FM such as energy consumption and CO2 emission reduction with simple to install, implement and use platform, HVAC systems detailed digital trail for ESG reporting, subcontractor services assessment and retrofit investment analysis, simplification and unification of field services through creation of real time digital twin...

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