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Our Global Alliance of Facility Management Innovators (FM Innovators) is a membership-based platform where facility managers meet startups with solutions for the FM industry.

Participation is at no cost for selected FMTech startups.

For startups and digital native firms, FM Innovators is an unprecedented opportunity to connect directly with your intended audience: facility managers of all kind, and at global scale.

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FM Service Providers

FM Consultants

Corporate FM'ers

Commercial R.E. FM

A video-based platform starring your solution for FM

Our facility manager members access your content via an online, video-based platform.

Your sales and tech videos, contact information and the like provided by you is packaged in easily digestible 10-minute increments that also includes information on your webinars and events.

We cater the FM industry with various digital innovation programs in which your company is featured and thus promoted. This happens without costs for you, it are our members that pay for access.

Yes, we join

Participating startups, among many:

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After receiving your application, we will take a look at your website and LinkedIn company page, where after we will get in touch for a first introductory call. 

Together we will determine relevance to and fit with our member demographics (FM service providers, corporate FM and/or FM consultants) and explain you our ideas on next steps and programs.

We will then ask your confirmation to join and collect materials as they are needed.

In case you'd like to contact us via plain e-mail, then please reach out to [email protected].

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We are looking for startups that provide digital innovative solutions for facility management. The sectors include but are not limited to Operations & Maintenance (including Cleaning, Energy Management, Waste Management, Workplace Management, etc.), Access & Security, Occupancy & Health, Food & Beverage Supply, Hospitality, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement, etc.

Aside from offering innovative digital solutions for facility management, you must be already on the growth and scale-up track with proven customers, revenues, investors and looking at expanding outside your home territory. 

The program is video-based so we will be asking you to provide materials like sales pitches, product demos and the like. You can use existing materials and those you are willing to share in public domains. The members will contact you directly if they require more information.

Your FM target customers are our members. They will be able to see your content (sales pitches, demo video, etc.) and contact information directly. You can consider FM Innovators as one of your promotion channels.

No. It is free for start-ups to join the platform. It is our member who will be paying for access.