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Your membership to our Alliance is the shortest road to integrating startup solutions in your Facility Management activities without high risks and endless costs.

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Continuously, we introduce our members to new FMTech startups (and much more)!

Every week, we refresh the content of the FM Innovators' membership hub and pack it with future proof, practical and comprehensive tech knowledge for FM companies and professionals. We cover the whole wide range of FM activities.

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We present you startups with solutions for Facility Management

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You get unlimited and direct access to FM startups and our startup database

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Get inspired by co-members and their experiences with innovation, we're all FM professionals

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We tell you how and which new technologies are relevant to the FM industry

FM Innovators' Boost Your Innovation Program

Our paid membership program is open to    Board Members of FM Service Providers, Corporate FM Directors, Heads of Innovation, Business Transformation Managers and FM Consultants  who are ready to take serious action on digitalization

Membership's activities take place ONLINE

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We welcome all Facility Managers who want to stay abreast of the industry's (r)evolution.

No expensive innovation programs needed anymore

Gain immediate access to FM startups, take a look at their solutions and talk to them right away. Stay up-to-date with fresh tech and startup content every week of the year, all specialized in Facility Management. Join us!

Free Basic Membership: 12 weeks of FMTech

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Access for 12 weeks

See 15 startup sales pitches

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Boost Your Innovation Membership


per company, per semester, for one country


Access for 1 to 5 persons per company (same company e-mail)

Startup Sales Pitches

Startup Product Demo Webinars

Match-making events

Comprehensive Tech Talks

Startup Performance Reviews

Networking, Industry News


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Boost Your Innovation Membership


per company, per semester, various countries



Access for 1 to 15 persons per company (corporate e-mail)

Startup Sales Pitches

Startup Product Demo Webinars

Match-making events

Comprehensive Tech Talks

Startup Performance Reviews

Networking, Industry News


Coming soon

Facility Management Mastermind Committee - On invitation and pricing upon request


 "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" African proverb


Digital transformation for corporations - Corporate Venturing in FM - Acceleration programs for seeds - Open innovation - Funding of FMTech


Max. 100 FM industry leaders (non-competitors) plus cross-sectorial and digital innovation experts

Open in 2022

"FM is shifting from a low margin, labour-based model to a more sustainable, technology-driven approach. ​With the Global Alliance of FM Innovators, we actively build the future of Facility Management - rather than seeing it happen"

Ignasi Casamada
Co-founder & CEO - Optima Facility

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