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FMTech Insights: Why Messaging should be at the Heart of Smart Facilities Management

Mar 14, 2022

FMTech Insights is a series where subject matter experts and thought leaders in FMTech share their knowledge and opinions on the topic of their expertise; helping the industry learn, innovate and grow. The series will cover every sector in FM – from workplace management, operations and maintenance, energy management, waste management and everything in between.

Patrick Sim is the Co-founder and Director at FacilityBot, the messaging-first CMMS that allows requestors (building users and FM teams alike) to use their preferred messaging app instead of calling a hotline to report faults, requests for services, requests for desks (hot desking), book common facilities, and many others.


Why Messaging should be at the Heart of Smart Facilities Management

In recent years, terms such as Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Smart Facilities Management have become popular. These terms evoke visions of artificial intelligence, data analytics, physical robots, ubiquitous sensors,...

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Humans + Robots: The Way Forward for the Cleaning Industry?

Nov 16, 2021
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There is no doubt that cleaning is among, if not the most affected of the facility management activities during and in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. We saw an accelerated incorporation of autonomous cleaning robots in disinfection and cleaning of floors, particularly in large built environments with high foot traffic like airports, hospitals, and shopping malls. Data from AI company Brain Corp, which holds the distinction of powering the world's largest fleet of autonomous cleaning robots servicing the likes of Walmart in the US, reveal that their robots generated 3.3 million additional hours in 2020. In a study by intelligence firm ABI Research, more than 150,000 mobile robots will be deployed in stores with expected usage growing 46% annually through 2030. The same report projects a 30% increase in productivity in general in the...

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